5 Tips for Park Running PB’s

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Not everyone is looking to get PB’s or beat the competition in park runs, but for those that are, I wanted to share some tips that might help you reach your goals.

You can give yourself a chance to ace your park run by following these 5 PB-busting rules.

1. Select your starting point

There are people running, jogging, or walking for all kinds of reasons. If you’re focused on hitting a target, then look to find runners like yourself who are aiming for the same outcome and stick with them. Line up properly at the start so you can give yourself a good chance of a PB.

2. Know the route

This is a vital aspect to follow. Are there any tight bends, killer hills, or even low-hanging branches? Ensure that you are well grounded in the course as well as the difficulty of every area. This will help you to keep to your game plan without any surprises.

3. Run evenly

Make it a goal to start strongly at least for the first 1K. That way, you can reach the 5K target pace within the same distance. Settle and hold the pace for 3K, and start digging in and holding on for the last stretch to park run glory.

4. Make a wise choice

If it is a ‘time’ instead of a course PB you are after, be very careful as you pick your park run event. Some of the courses are considerably faster than others. Therefore, a little park run research is advised.

5. Embrace the pain
Of course, the final 500m should be expected to hurt! If you have mastered your pacing, and are close to the finishing line, remember that slowing down is not an option!

I wish you all the best.


Photo by David Baird



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