5 Ways To Run Faster This Summer

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To run faster this summer you need to turn up the heat and run smarter; it does not necessarily involve running dozens of miles daily. There are lots of ways to run faster and smarter like; improving your running technique, improving your speed with squats, lunges, and sit-ups, practicing hill runs and using a heart rate monitor to observe your fitness.

Here are 5 ways to run faster this summer;


  1. Weight training

Many people don’t consider weight training when preparing for a race because they feel the added muscles would not make them run faster but that is not true. It is advisable to train with weights when preparing for a race, it can improve your running performance, it can make you faster, and gives you strength and protection around your joints.

Of course, you can still train without weight lifting, but you might not be as faster and stronger as the others who used weight training. By the way, this doesn’t mean become a body builder, even some light resistance training can be hugely beneficial.


  1. Exercises for your foot balance

If you want to run faster this summer, you need to put foot balance at the top of your list. Exercise that puts the foot in contact with a stable surface is one of the best ways to increase your speed when running. Some of the exercises for the job include; deadlifts and squats (both front and back) because when running you have to keep reacting against uneven surfaces.


  1. Practice hill runs

You find that one of the reasons runners fail is not because they are not strong enough or lack speed but they most times run out of breath which can easily knock them out. But when a runner adds hill runs to their exercise regime, they not only increase their speed but also give you lung strength and build your stamina.

Hill runs are quite difficult, but the results are great and worth the effort.


  1. Improve your arm drive

To run faster you need to also improve your arm drive; the arm drive gives you the momentum you need to run better and faster. Most people make the mistake of swinging their arms to the side when running, which is wrong. The arm movement should come from the shoulders, and keep the arms at a 90-degree angle, driving them backwards and forwards.


  1. Monitor your heart rate

To monitor your heart rate, you need a heart rate monitor, to show you exactly how your heart is faring which translate to how your body is faring so you do not have to guess your capabilities

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