Gain Some Speed With Sprint Workouts

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As a distance runner, the majority of your focus is likely on a consistent steady pace. However, there is sustainable evidence that suggests bursts of fast running during most of your training sessions can provide fantastic benefits if you are preparing for an upcoming race. It can also help toward injury prevention.

Running fast simply means running at mile pace. It is 95 percent to 100 percent of your maximum speed. For a trained runner mile pace is much higher in the total percentage of the athlete’s top speed. For an untrained runner, on the other hand, it is paramount to go at a much faster pace than the average mile pace during fast sprint training sessions.


Your Body Wants to Sprint Fast

Firstly, be in agreement with the fact that your body wants to sprint fast. It is in your genes.

Sprinting at accelerated speed is natural, primal, and something that the body wants to do. It is vital to rediscover that sprinting in such manner is not so difficult. Start by sprinting for a few brief bursts.

Sprinting is something hard-wired into the human genes. It can help athletes become better distance runners. Are you training for a marathon race? If that is the case, sprint workouts can contribute to reducing your time. Moving at a pace close to your maximum sprint speed reinforces the necessary biomechanics and form. You learn how to run more powerfully and efficiently.

Doing a few weeks of fast sprint training will refine your form. It will make your long distance runs feel a lot easier. You may eventually start running faster each day without extra effort. After accepting your body is ready for a sprint, don’t do any slow transition workout to prepare for a fast session. Following your first sprint training (after a day), evaluate any soreness then take one or two days to recover before your next sprint workout.


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