How To Add More Miles To Your Training.

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In 2013 I ran 40 marathons in 40 days. This was quite the challenge even for a seasoned marathon runner and I’m often asked how you get to a point where something like this is even a consideration. It comes down to building your body’s new normal over time.

To add more miles to your running you need a steady progression and consistent training regime that gets your body used to a new level of capability.

Most people do not actually know the incredible achievements their bodies can perform if you just put in that extra effort and dedication, I always tell this to lower mileage runners who feel frustrated that they’re not reaching their targets to encourage them. Simply by increasing your mileage weekly, you automatically teach your body what you want the new norm to be, and just like that, you are running more miles!

Adding as little as one extra mile or even two to your weekly run and sneaking in an additional mile to your midweek runs can push you to progress in your weekly mileage without cutting into your other commitments outside of running.

It is vital always to pay close attention to your body to make sure it is adapting well and coping with the minor advancements. Whichever way you choose to increase your mileage, be sure never to incorporate a rising pace at the same time as you are doing that. You can always take it slow with these things, depending on how you are feeling.

You should maintain your newly attained mileage for a short while before making further increases, allowing your body to ease into the process and adapt naturally to the new stage. I assure you that it won’t take long until what you never imagined attainable becomes your new regular weekly mileage!


Photo by David Baird



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