Nutrition Basics For New Runners

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For runners, there are some very important things to keep in mind, one of which is diet.

Lots of people try and stay away from carbohydrates when their aim is to stay in shape. Running is not a sport where you want to stay away from carbs. Carbs mean energy and energy means being able to run further and faster.

Men and women are recommended to consume around 2000 (women) and 2500 (men) calories per day. When you’re running, you need to factor in the energy you’re using. Each mile that a person runs will cost them about 100 calories therefore, you should be replacing those calories if you’re to be at your best all day long.

Another good thing to keep in mind when running is that energy, metabolism, and the way your body processes food is also based on the vitamins and minerals in your body; iron and calcium are also very important.

Things to eat to get good carbs are potatoes, yams, beans, peas, wheat bread, bagels, apples, syrup, carrots, and root vegetables. And some things to eat to get good protein are milk, beans, green peas, lean beef, chicken, fish, dairy, tofu, and soy.

Also essential for your body’s recovery is eating the right food at the right time; yes, there is a wrong time to eat certain foods when training for a marathon.

Your body needs to maintain proper glycogen levels so that your muscles can heal properly. During a run these levels drop due to consumption. Therefore it is important to have a steady intake of carbs both before and after a run. Eating before a run is always tricky though. It is recommended that only light snacks be eaten before any exercise.

Finally it is very important to always feed and restore after a run. You need to eat both carbs and protein no more than 30 minutes after a run to ensure proper replenishment.

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